The B&B Charcoal food grade Pellet Grill Fuel is made from 100% wood, premium oak is blended with various flavors of wood as indicated on front on bag. This product guarantees to be high BTU, clean burning, low ash, and low moisture, thus assuring you great results for all pellet grills. The pellets are made from 100% wood sawdust, no petroleum products are used for lubrication of machinery.

Made from 100% natural hard wood and fruit (2/3 Oak & 1/3 of the flavor wood indicated on bag.)

Our unique wood recipe produces a longer and stronger wood pellet that won’t crumble or jam up the auger system in your pellet grill.


Instructions For Use

Always load pellets in your hopper and operate as recommended by grill manufacturer.

Always clean the hopper and feed system of the pellet grill before storage and next use.

Always store opened bag of pellets in dry place or sealed container. Pellets can absorb moisture and
cause a jam in the pellet feed system.

Always keep hot grill away from children & pets.