What is pinon wood?


Pinon wood is derived from the pinon pine tree native to the Southwest United States and Mexico, especially along the Colorado Plateau in Arizona.

For the festive, a log of pinon wood crisply burning in the fireplace on Thanksgiving or Christmas brings about the best in holiday cheer. 

Pinon wood should never be used for cooking or BBQ smoke. While it’s an efficient heat source, clean-burning and with a high BTU rating, it carries a natural turpentine not suited for food. For BBQ and grilling wood, check out B&B Charcoal’s selection of kiln-dried cooking wood.

Fragrant pinon woodsmoke is also a natural mosquito repellent. Mosquitos hate pinon wood smoke. The aroma is more pleasing for people, so burning B&B Pinon Wood is a good way to make your next gathering pest-free and smelling great.

Longer-burning, cleaner fire

B&B’s eco-friendly pinon fire logs deliver a longer-burning, cleaner fire with optimum BTU output. Most importantly, B&B uses only 100 percent renewable raw materials, making the cozy, satisfied feeling you get from tossing another B&B log on the fire even more special.

To aid in lighting your wood, try B&B’s SureStart Firelighting Squares, a perfect replacement for lighter fluid. Just break off a few squares of the non-toxic fire starting product, place your wood or charcoal over the squares then light the rough edges of the SureStart and watch the blaze begin. 

As is the case with all B&B products, they deliver a more perfect burn in all occasions and to meet any need, whether you’re looking for kiln-dried wood, fatwood, pellet fuel, natural lump charcoal, charcoal briquettes or a toasty evening around the campfire with crackling pinon wood. B&B has your back.

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