What is kiln-dried wood?

At B&B, the goal is always perfection. Wood preferences swing between those selected for flavor — from post oak and hickory to fruitwoods — to the degree to which the wood has been cured, or seasoned.

And no question choosing the right wood for the situation is important. Green wood is full of water and will pump out billowing smoke, burning slow with low heat production. Wood that has been air cured in dry conditions reduces that moisture content and is best for BBQ heat and flavor. Even using the same wood, you’re going to get different results depending on its region of origin and how long the wood has been seasoned.

B&B ensures you’re always getting the best possible product, whether you’re looking for natural lump charcoal, charcoal briquettes, wood pellets, pinion wood for heating, or the stable results from cooking with high-quality kiln-dried wood.

For more metered moisture levels and consistency in your cook, kiln-dried wood is an option to explore beyond the traditional practice of air-seasoning over time. Whether you have beef, chicken, hog, lamb, fish or venison on the menu, B&B offers a wide range of kiln-dried woods to meet your needs. Some might prefer the strong smoke flavors that come from kiln-dried mesquite grill wood, while others aim for the subtler taste of cherry wood.

B&B wood has stable heat, low ash and clean smoke

Through the use of a wood-drying kiln, wood is heat-treated to a minimum interior temperature of 160 degrees for 90 minutes. The result is stable heat, low ash and good, clean smoke that imparts the best wood flavor in your BBQ. Kiln-dried wood also has fewer impurities, is free of disease, pest and rot,  and allows for a quicker ignition; it’s not just going to sit on top of coals and smoke uncontrollably due to moisture saturation. 

Kiln-dried wood intended as a heat source in wood burning stoves, where in some cases the moisture content is reduced to as low as 8 percent, can be too dry to deliver usable woodsmoke for BBQ. The moisture range for kiln-dried wood should instead be between 15 percent and 22 percent, and it’s important to make that distinction before investing in quantities of kiln-dried wood.

At B&B, we only serve the best kiln-dried wood to ensure you get the best BBQ. 

B&B kiln-dried woods are available in post-oak, hickory, mesquite, pecan, apple, cherry and maple, and come in a variety of packaging types, including fully enclosed with a carrying handle or polymesh with a drawstring.

Depending on your wood of choice, B&B offers packaging in 1.25 cubic feet and 1 cubic feet volumes. So be sure to discover which kiln-dried wood works best for you. 

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