What is BBQ in Australia?

Barbecue culture in Australia in the last 5 years has seen a huge change, Australia has fallen in love with American style barbecue and the art of low and slow. More and more Aussies are opting for flavour over sleep, spending endless hours tending to their fires.

It wasn’t too long ago that asking your local butcher for a ‘brisket’ or a ‘pork butt’ would only get you a very confused look and have you leaving wondering where you were going to get your meat from now on, and in the earlier days any true barbecuer would be driving up to an hour in each direction to source the right cuts.

These days most suburbs have at least one ‘specialist’ barbecue butcher and even the major supermarket chains are now jumping on the low and slow bandwagon and offering select cuts such as pork ribs, beef short ribs and brisket portions (not whole packer cuts yet 🙁  ).

Driving some of the change on barbecue culture downunder is one major Sydney based store “BBQ Smokers and Grills”. Manager Rohan Dimmock, a hardcore barbecue enthusiast and
avid barbecue competitor, regularly travels to the US seeking out the biggest brand names and shipping container after container back home giving Australia access to the best barbecue brands the US has to offer.

With the rise of low and slow barbecue comes the rise of competition barbecue. In such a short time Australia has seen the boom in competition barbecue and now has 5 active competition sanctioning bodies both local and international with KCBS and Steak Cookoff Association now sanctioning multiple competitions a year and Steak Cookoff Association already offering Australia its own annual points chase.

True barbecue in Australia is still young but one thing is for sure, it has only just begun downunder and its not going away anytime soon…….

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