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Aaron Lesley
Texas Oil Dust Seasoning's and Injections
Ace Marquez
Slab City Barbecue
Adam Beard
Doctor Que NC
Andrew Heckman
Honky Tonk Smokers
Keith and Angel Todd
Comin' In Hot
Brad Olenick
Burnin Money
Brian Gurley
Bad Bones BBQ
Chip Van Horn
Smoke Wagon BBQ
Craig Kimberley
Chris Mayne
The BBQ Shanty
CP Wade
Texas Meat Team 6
Dan Boles
All Forked Up for Q
Daren Proctor
Darrell Marek
Country Cookers
Dylan Lipe
Pitdaddy Outfitters
Eric Westervelt
ChickHoovenSwine BBQ Catering
Eric Hodson and Allen Smith
Boars Night Out Championship BBQ
Gordon McRoy
HogTown Barbecue
Chef Hiram Quintana
Jaime Garcia
JCG Barbeque Company
James Cruse
James Ledbetter
Brother's Keeper Homegrown BBQ
Jason Mazanec
Papo Joe Grilling Supplies
John Mays
A-1 Tax Service Competition BBQ Crew
Kathy Pullin
Pullin Premium BBQ
Kathy Trainor
T-Bone BBQ
Mark Lambert
Sweet Swine O' Mine
Matt Ouverson
The Wicked Pig
Mathew Staunton
Smoking Coals Barbecue
Mike Castanda
Mike McElwaney
American Grillers Group
Moe Cason
Moe Cason Barbecue
Melissa Marek
Hot Mess Cookers
Michael Davis
Beer B Que Boys
Nakia White
Norm Lachapelle
Smoking Coals Barbecue
Raymond Patterson
Patterson High Voltage Grillin Team
Rick Hernandez
Breaktime BBQ
Melissa Marek
First Class BBQ
Shawna Roppolo
Todd Nelson
Double Barrel BBQ and Spices
Tony Bonisegna
Rollin' Coals
Toni Olenick
Smokin Hott
Tony Ramos
2T Smokers
Vic Clevenger
Chimney Cartel
Wes Phillips
Burnt Bermunda BBQ