B&B Charcoal Team

We are hear for our supporters and greatly appreciate the support B&B Charcoal receives from all the consumers! We too stand behind great quality product.

Aaron Lesley - Texas Oil Dust Seasoning’s and Injections
Ace Marquez - Slab City Barbecue
Adam Beard - Doctor Cue NC
Andrew Heckman - HonkyTonk Smokers
Angel and Keith Todd - Comin' In Hot
Barbecue with Bailey - JR Team B&B
Brad Olenick - Burnin Money
Chip Van Horn - Smoke Wagon BBQ
Craig Kimberley - BBQiT
Chris Mayne - The BBQ Shanty
CP Wade - Texas Meat Team 6
Dan Boles - All Forked Up for Q
Daren Proctor
Darrell Marek - Country Cookers
Eric Westervelt - ChickHoovenSwine BBQ Catering
Eric Hodson and Allen Smith - Boars Night Out Championship BBQ
Gordon McRay - HogTown Barbecue
Chef Hiram Quintana -
Jaime Garcia - JCG Barbeque Company
James Cruse
James Ledbetter - Brother's Keeper Homegrown BBQ
Jason Mazanec
John Mays - A-1 Tax Service Competition BBQ Crew
Kathy Pullin
Kathy Pullin - Pullin Premium BBQ
Kathy Trainor - T-Bone BBQ
Mark Lambert - Sweet Swine O' Mine
Matt Ouverson - The Wicked Pig
Matthew Staunton - Smoking Coals Barbecue
Mike Castanda - FoodieMike
Melissa Marek - Hot Mess Cookers
Michael Davis - Beer B Que Boys
Nakia White
Norm Lachapelle
Raymond Patterson - Patterson’s High Voltage Grillin Team
Rick Hernandez - Breaktime BBQ
Robert A. Smith - First Class BBQ
Shawna Roppolo
Todd Nelson - Double Barrel BBQ and Spices
Tony Boninsegna
Toni Olenick - Smokin Hott
Tony Ramos - 2T Ramos
Vic Clevenger - Chimney Cartel
Wes Phillips - Burnt Bermunda BBQ