Team B&B Dominates at the World Food Championships

Top cooks who use all-natural B&B Charcoal to make their dishes, include the newly crowned World Food Championships 2018 World BBQ Champion team BBQ Wiesel, from Germany. B&B was also the fuel for them at Memphis in May, The Jack, the American Royal World Series of Barbecue and more.

World Barbecue Champion BBQ Wiesel, led by Oliver Sievers, used B&B Charcoal to cook their winning recipe: Lamb T-Bone with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables.

Teams like BBQ Wiesel trust their World Championship Cooks with B&B Charcoal because they know B&B products burn hotter, cleaner and longer.

“This was our most competitive and outstanding field of contestants ever,” said WFC President and CEO Mike McCloud in a press release.

Stepping Outside the Grilling Box

B&B Charcoal ambassador Vic Clevenger competed in his first World Food Championships in November 2018 after serving as a presenter at two others.

Though he’s typically a grilling guy, Vic made the choice to mix things up at his World Foods debut and enter the Dessert category. He cooked with his daughter Rebecca, who is a trained chef.

“I took a little insurance with me by bringing an actual pastry chef,” the Cookin’ Comedian said. “The difference between a chef and a backyard cook is all about the technique. She has a good technique, I’m a backyard cook who learned from my mom. We compliment each other well.”

Vic and his daughter’s ability to compliment each other’s skills, led to them reaching 8th overall in the dessert category after making it into the finals.

The World Food Championships is a place to test your skills against chefs from every discipline.

“Everybody is on an even playing field,” Vic said. “You’ll have somebody like me who’s a grilling guy, who goes into a kitchen setup and throw down a dessert against people who have been on TV, been on the Food Network, who’ve won challenges on the Food Network.”

Team B&B Proves Their Prowess

B&B Charcoal Pro Team member Malcom Reed (Killer Hogs) also competed in his first World Food Championships in 2018. In the Steak category, Malcom, with the help of his team, was able to end up reaching 2ndplace, just shy of 1stplace winner Pigs in Zen (Robert Mansfield). His brother, and fellow member of the Killer Hogs BBQ Team, Waylon Reed was just behind him at 3rdin the World Invitational Steak Championship.

The Steak category at the World Foods Championship was dominated by B&B ambassadors: Kendal Adair got 4th, Boar’s Night Out got 10th, and the official B&B Charcoal team got 7th. It was a great showing for B&B.

“We had some good steaks. They were nice steaks, pretty thick,” Malcom Reed said on his How To BBQ Right podcast. He had planned a simpler visit to the competition – until his name was called for the final round. Then it was game on. “I just left them sitting out after I got them seasoned up, cooked them, and turned them in and they started calling out. Then they got to fifth which is where you had to make it to cook in the final round, and they popped my ticket.”

For his final entrée, he led the creation of what he called the “Royal Red Ribeye.” A ribeye with a red wine mushroom reduction sauce and paired with creamy Yukon gold gruyere potatoes and roasted asparagus.

“It was a simple dish, but it did take some execution,” Malcom said on his podcast.

The World Food Championships was presented by Walmart, which also carries B&B Charcoal products in its stores and online.

The WFC champions from all the categories will battle for the chance to win $100,000 for the “dish of a lifetime” in the Spring 2019 WFC Final Table.

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