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Everyone knows that one cannot grill/cook without a good seasoning and/or rub! B&B Charcoal is here to take care of that and make sure you have everything for your next grilling session.
When you’re in the mood for more flavor, seasonings and sauces are the way to go. You can enjoy an amazing range of seasonings and sauces from our lineup. These products are developed with B&B Charcoal lovers and fans and they span from a wide range of BBQ flavors, meats, and regional cuisines. These seasonings and sauces are also Gluten Free.

Using the highest-quality ingredients makes a huge difference when cooking. Good-quality olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and of course our award-winning rubs should be a staple in your pantry!

Our rubs have been ranked as a favorite among many! According to the 2019 Rubs of Honor Scores, Our Texas Trinity came in 1st place under the Beef Category along with our Cattle Call, which came in 14th out of 68 placements. B&B Chicken Scratch ranked 4th place under the Chicken Category against 77 placements. Lastly, our Swine Shaker came in 17th place under the Pork Category against 75 placements.


TEXAS SWINE SHAKER A smoky sweet rub that is perfect for pulled pork, ribs, or even pork chops. Where else
can you get the delicious taste of brown sugar and garlic infused with natural smoke flavors. This award-winning
rub combines a traditional southern recipe with modern convenience to deliver that down-home taste
people have loved for centuries
TEXAS TRINITY SEASONING ALL The holy alliance of salt, pepper, and garlic bring this national award winning
rub to a sacred level perfect for the blessing of any type of food. It is back to the basics with these three elemental
ingredients. It’s hard to believe that these simple spices can bring so much life to your plate. Try some
soon on pork, chicken, beef, eggs, and even salads.
Texas is the king State of cattle, so it makes perfect sense that the premier beef rub is also from Texas as well.
B&B TEXAS CATTLE CALL Texas is the king of cattle so it’s natural that this premier beef rub reigns from the Lone Star State.
This rub is a traditional family recipe that combines pure cane sugar, peppery spices, and natural hickory smoke to rustle fantastic
flavors from any cut of beef
TEXAS CHICKEN SCRATCH This simple herb and spice rub with a hint of paprika and garlic powder will be your “go-to” when
cooking any type of poultry. Chicken and turkey take on smoke flavors very easily, so this light blend of fresh ingredients is
essential for your aviary arsenal. Try it next time on chicken wings or turkey legs and
watch them fly off the plate


TEXAS SWEET HEAT BBQ SAUCE A taste bud bonanza! This sauce is from the Heart of Texas and truly captures the spirit of the wild west. The flavors combine the ruggedness and excitement of the open plains where you can almost smell the crackling campfire under a clear starry night sky. Adventure awaits in the next bottle.
TEXAS CLASSIC Nothing tastes better than the food shared with family and friends. This classic sauce is slow simmered and made with red ripe tomatoes, distilled vinegar, molasses, and a subtle hickory smoke flavor that nobody can deny. This is our most popular barbecue sauce and is great for basting or dipping. It is sure to please.

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