Frequently Asked Questions

On your Wood Pellets are they 100% Wood Flavor or are they Oak with a little flavor of other wood.

Our pellets are made from 100% natural wood (2/3 Oak & 1/3 of the flavor wood indicated on bag.) This blend guarantees high BTU, clean burning, low ash, low moisture, assuring great results from ALL pellet-fired grills.

What are wood pellets good for?

Pellets are good for burning heat and a slow and steady pace. The pellets will create little dust and debri but non compared to the amount of ash that of a traditional firewood that has bark creates. Pellets are overall a cleaner and a more convenient way to heat. 

Where to store wood pellets?

Wood pellets can be conveniently  stored  for up to one year. The storage space all depends on the amount of wood pellets that are needed. 

Preferably, the best place to store pellets is a sealed container or a non-humid area. 

Is there a ratio of oak base wood to flavor wood? Is Alder also used as a base wood?

Ours mix is 70/30 mix but we use Oak as our base and other national branded pellets use Alder as their base and there’s the difference in performance. Of course B&B has the better pellets with less ash and longer burn times .

What percentage of woods are composed in the Championship blend

We make our pellets differently and that makes all the difference in the food you prepare. Our hardwood pellets are 100% species specific. And we use our or own wood directly from our wood chip and chunk manufacturing so it’s high quality kilned hardwood. The fruit wood pellets (apple, cherry, maple) are a 30% with 70% hardwood mixture. That gives you the maximum amount of fruit wood smoke while maintaining high BTU’s in your pellet grill. The championship blend is equal amounts of oak, pecan, cherry pellets (30% each wood).

What all goes into the making of our pellets?

Our pellets do not contain any industrial scrap wood or reclaimed timber. Other pellets use a lot of Alder wood that is left over from furniture makers. That wood is very old and dried out, it takes a lot of binders to hold it together. That’s why they crumble to easy and clog up your auger system.
B&B pellets do not contain any industrial scrap, no bark, no slap wood and we never use any artificial flavor oils.
Just clean fresh wood. B&B pellets burn hotter, longer, with less ash and more authentic wood smoke flavor

why is "Post Oak" is in quotations?

Post Oak is in quotation to indicate the specific species of oak. Post oak wood smoke is the traditional Texas brisket wood of choice.

Our Post oak pellets are made with only Post Oak