B&B Charcoal is a family owned business based in Texas and was established in 1961. We manufacture over 50 types of premium out door cooking fuels including different flavors of charcoal briquettes, lump charcoal, wood chips and chunks, and pellets. Our products have been used by World Champion BBQ pit masters and backyard enthusiasts across the country. Nobody prepares barbecue just for them self. They are cooking for family and friends and that’s what B&B Charcoal is focused on. B&B Charcoal would like the opportunity to introduce our family to yours

Rooted in the heart of the Ultimate Texas BBQ country, B&B charcoal is a family owned and operated premium cooking fuel company.  Since 1961 B&B has prided itself in combining the best possible woods with a tried and trusted process to produce the competitors and expert’s choice for outdoor cooking.   With B&B you can be confident that only 100% all-natural products are used, producing a product that consistently burns longer hotter and cleaner

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