Kiln Dried Grill Wood Flavor Chart

When it comes kiln-dried wood, it’s all about pairings. Kiln-dried wood is most suitable for vertical and horizontal offset smokers and grills, kettle grills and the traditional fire pit.

Whatever flavors you prefer, there’s a B&B Charcoal kiln-dried wood product for your palate.

Many Flavor Profiles Available

Mild post oak, with its subtle flavor profile, delivers a many-sided, medium flavor with a profile suitable for beef, pork, poultry, fish, game, lamb, corn or even cheese.

Kiln-dried hickory is strong and sweet, and is notable for its bacon-like hues. It works great with beef, pork, game or cheeses.

Kiln-dried pecan offers the sweet, mild flavor for most meat cuts, including beef, pork, poultry, game or lamb.

For a strong, sweeter flavor, B&B recommends using kiln-dried apple wood as a delicious compliment to pork, poultry, fish, game or lamb BBQ.

Mild kiln-dried maple is the most specialized of B&B’s kiln-dried options. It has a slightly sweet flavor and is popularly used for poultry and vegetables.

There are many benefits to using kiln-dried wood in your BBQ operation: Kiln-dried wood delivers stable heat, low ash and good, clean smoke that imparts the wood flavor of choice in any BBQ.

Kiln-dried wood also has fewer impurities, is free of disease, pest and rot, and allows for a quicker ignition. It is a highly desirable fuel source for the backyard or the competition circuit.

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