How To Start a Fire for BBQ

Legendary pitmaster “Big” Moe Cason demonstrates how to start a fire for your barbecue pit that burns great in this video presented by Academy Sports + Outdoors. Whether you’re using a Kamado-style grill or an offset stick smoker, you’ll find this technique works well for the everyday cookout.

First, fill your charcoal chimney with B&B Charcoal lump or briquettes. Whichever type of B&B Charcoal you choose, you will always get the all-natural, clean burn for your fire that you expect from the “Better Burning” charcoal brand.

“I’m using lump because it creates less ash during the cooking process,” B&B Charcoal ambassador Moe Cason said about his charcoal preference in the video, “How to Run Your Fire With Moe Cason.”

Next, Moe Cason sets one or two fire starters on a piece of foil, underneath the chimney and briquettes. Light the fire starter with a lighter or match and get the charcoal white hot. This should take ten to 15 minutes. Try out B&B SureStart Lighting Squares to get your fire blazing easy and fast.

Carefully carry the charcoal chimney to your pit and dump the hot coals in. Moe Cason recommends not adding the cooking wood until one hour before you are ready to add your meat to the fire.

Using an offset stick burner will make you a genuine pitmaster because once it’s fired up, you’ll have to stay with the smoker. In order to keep it smoking, you’ll need to add your B&B Charcoal and B&B Kiln Dried Cooking Wood every 45 minutes to 1 hour to ensure a steady temperature.

“When you fire this up, you’ve got to stay with it,” said “Big” Moe Cason.

Better results

If you stay with your fire, helping it hold to a steady temperature, you’ll end up with better results for your BBQ meats at the end of the cook than if you walked away.

Some cookers, such as pellet smokers, let you walk away for an extended time, but an offset smoker requires more care to keep a steady temperature. Moe Cason, a B&B Charcoal Pro Team member, said this diligence will result in some great-tasting BBQ meat, whether it’s smoked chicken, low-and-slow brisket or sauce-covered pork ribs. When you pair hard work with B&B Charcoal fuel, you’re in for some amazing barbecue.

“If you stay with your fire throughout the cook and keep a stable temp, you’re going to end up having better results with your meat during the cook,” said “Big” Moe Cason.

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