How to Smoke the Perfect Brisket

Before you smoke, prepare your brisket properly. Trim away the excess fat and square the ends for a good foundation to apply the rub. Spray the brisket with a little oil to allow the rub to adhere well.

Slicing against the grain of brisket will give you tender slices. Moe Cason’s favorite tip to make sure you know you’re slicing against the grain once the brisket is smoked is to score the back end of the flap against the grain. When the brisket comes off the smoker, you won’t be able to see the grain through the bark. This will help you to know how to slice.

Preheat an offset stick burner to 225 degrees F and place the thicker end of the brisket facing towards the heat source. Once the brisket reaches 160 degrees F wrap it so that it doesn’t over smoke. Moe likes to wrap first in butcher paper (to allow the meat to breathe), then wrapping loosely in foil so you don’t ruin the beautiful brisket bark you created.

When the brisket reaches 200 degrees F, remove it from the heat and allow it to rest. You want the brisket to reabsorb all of those great juices. Set it in a dry cooler or wrap it in towels to allow the juices to move back towards the center of the brisket.

If you’re cooking a full brisket, remove the burnt ends. Before Moe cooks, he likes to separate the point and flat just a little, so it’s easier to season before cooking and remove the burnt ends after cooking. Cut the point into cubes, put it in a pan seasoned with some sauce, and put them back on the pit to get more color and caramelize the sauce.

And, the most important tip that Moe Cason can share? Practice, practice, practice. Start now by making your own Texas Full Brisket.


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