How to Make Brisket Burnt Ends Perfectly, Every Time

When making Brisket Burnt Ends, B&B Pro Team member Darian Kosmo advises to make sure to use just the point, not the flat. If you can’t find a point, ask your local butcher to prepare it for you. If you can, grab a few from your butcher, have them vacuum sealed and prepare a few over time.

“Go to your butcher and say, ‘Hey man, I need a brisket point. Don’t trim on it. Just cut it off and give it to me,'” Darian Kosmo said in his video.

Start by lightly trimming the fat from the brisket. You can save the trimmed fat that doesn’t get used in your Brisket Burnt Ends to mix into your hamburger grind for extra flavor. To make trimming easier, use your finger to push up the meat from the back, which helps to push the fat forward.

“There’s a lot of good fat on here, but then again there’s a lot of fat on here. We don’t need all of it,” Darian Kosmo said on his Kosmo’s Q YouTube show. “I try not to get crazy, I just take off what I need.”

Season the brisket liberally on all sides with your favorite rub and press the seasoning into the meat. Prepare your B&B Charcoal in your favorite cooker and clean the grates. If you can’t find your grate brush, use a piece of foil to scrub it clean. For his Brisket Burnt Ends, Darian Kosmo burned B&B Charcoal Oak Briquettes.

“She’s looking pretty,” Darian Kosmo said in the video as his B&B Charcoal heated up.

Place the brisket over a hot and fast fire made from your favorite B&B Charcoal fuel and cook for about 3 hours. Wrap the meat in a double layer of foil and place it back over the flame. Continue to cook the brisket until it reaches 209 degrees F (143 degrees C). Remove the brisket from the heat and cut into cubes. For Brisket Burnt Ends, try trimming them into 1-inch cubes.

Toss the Brisket Burnt Ends in your favorite sauce and place in a foil pan or wrap in a double layer of foil with the top open to vent. Cook for another 20 to 35 minutes, until tender and the sauce is tacky.


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