Cook Like A Champion With Competition Char-Logs

Champion cooks and backyard grillers alike proclaim their love for B&B Competition Char-Logs, a hollow, log-shaped charcoal product that’s popular for its long, uniform shape and ability to hold in tons of heat. Between the char-logs, briquettes, and lump charcoal, B&B Charcoal has you covered for your next BBQ.

All B&B Charcoal products burn great, but the different sizes and shapes let you control the amount of heat coming off your grill or pit.

B&B ambassador Junior Urias cooks with Competition Char-Logs in his popular Up In Smoke BBQ restaurant in Midland, Texas. The char-logs help him make the best barbecue he can, from his famous brisket to meaty beef ribs and Southern-style pulled pork.

Fellow B&B ambassador Norm LaChapelle (Southern Hoggers BBQ Co.) also prefers char-logs when he’s manning his pit. The Tennessee pitmaster and competition cook uses B&B Charcoal Competition Char-Logs during his long whole-hog cooks.

The hollow interior of B&B Charcoal Competition Char-Logs allows for airflow inside the charcoal. That’s one reason why Norm LaChapelle and his Southern Hoggers competition BBQ team use them for cooking. The charcoal’s large size also gives you a long, hot burn – perfect for a whole-hog cook, a big weekend family BBQ, or a barbecue competition.

B&B Charcoal products will bring the heat to your outdoor cooking when you need to cook a lot of food — and cook it right.

Taste the Difference

B&B Competition Char-Logs burn similar to their square-shaped briquette counterparts so fans of charcoal cooking will love having the choice between the longer, hollow char-logs or the smaller, but still powerful, charcoal briquettes.

B&B Charcoal products are all-natural and have no chemical additives or fillers. Through a unique process, B&B woods are free of most unwanted foreign material, including the resins and acids that are often seen in other big charcoal brands.

Because of this special attention only the good stuff is left behind. Your food will just taste better when it’s flavored with subtle, natural smoke from B&B cooking charcoals and woods.

So whichever fuel you choose for your fire, you know you’ll be cooking clean with B&B.

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