Chilly Weather Calls for a Bonfire

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

A winter party with a beautiful bonfire blazing can be a cozy and fun way to entertain guests outdoors for any winter event. No matter how cold it gets, cheerful company around dancing flames will warm everyone’s heart. Sit, socialize and share your favorite stories while indulging on some delicious hot chocolate.

A bonfire is a wonderful occasion to come together with friends and family and have some winter fun. It’s a great place to take your sweetheart as well.

Thank the stars above you can have a bonfire almost anywhere – the woods, your lawn, on the beach, or beside a lake. Don’t forget to bring the blankets for everyone to cuddle up with and stay nice and toasty

Fat Wood Fire Starters

Our B&B Fat Wood Fire Starters are 100% natural with no chemicals or additives. They are a great way to start any fireplace,
campfire, or wood stove. Harvested from the stumps of reclaimed pine trees, Fatwood is a 100% all natural Firestarter with no additives or chemicals. The naturally occurring resin found in the stumps of these trees produce a fast lighting, non-toxic,
Firestarter that is ideal for any indoor or outdoor fire. No live trees are cut to produce this product and we incorporate sustainable yield forestry practices. By purchasing this product you are contributing to responsible and sustainable forestry practices that will preserve resources for future generations- Thank you

All it takes is just two sticks, no mess, no chemicals, just light it and let Fatwood do the rest. Compact, waterproof, and an indefinite shelf life, Fat wood can be stored safely anywhere and used year round.
Available in 1.5 lbs and 5 lbs





B&B 100% Pinon Wood

B&B Pinon woods are heat treated to 160 degrees and are ready for your next campfire or patio gathering.

Credits: Meredith Slanina

Pinon wood has a very distinctive fragrance when burned and makes it a natural choice for your outdoor fire pit or chimenea. Pinon wood is a dense, slow growing hardwood pine found in the mountains of New Mexico. Pinon wood is a natural mosquito and bug repellent as well. The smoky pine fragrance adds a great aroma to any occasion.

Each bag is .65 cubic feet and contains 6″ long logs cut just right for your chimenea or outdoor fire pit. We also offer .75 bags of Pinon wood chunks to add that special aroma to any indoor or outdoor fireplace.

Enjoy the wonderful aroma of B&B pinon wood

B&B SureStart Firelighting Squares

Throw away those harmful chemicals and liquid starters. SureStart is a sure-fire way to get your fire started right!

Our SureStart Firelighting Squares are made from compressed wood chips containing 10% recycled wood and paper fiber combined with a wax for that quick easy start. They will burn for 8-12 minutes even when wet.

Waterproof, compact, and with an indefinite shelf life, SureStart Firelighting Squares are great for camping, grilling, fireplaces and wood stoves. They are completely safe to use in any ceramic grill as well.

Each box contains 24 Firelighting squares.

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