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B&B Charcoal

I love grilling and if you are reading this, then I’m going to assume you are just like me. I love it so much I have close to a dozen individual grills and smokers resulting in several bags of B&B Product filling up my garage. I grill all the time however, so I run through my stash pretty quick making me a regular guest of my local Academy Sports. Others, like my brother for instance, only grill out on those beautiful weekends when the family is over for hamburgers or the occasional steak. So what do you do with the charcoal in those between times when the grill sits dormant and lonely?


Back in the ’70s Tupperware was so popular there were commercials displaying the benefits of having an airtight container to preserve the leftovers and even “burped.” Containers are so popular these days there is even a store chain selling containers of every size. One of my favorite ways to keep moisture out of my charcoal is the use of containers. I have a couple I keep in my garage which is full of tools and toys ready to jump out to snag my bag of B&B distributing it all over the floor. This always leads me to grabbing a broom and sweeping up not only the mess but the whole garage. As great as those paper bags are, they honestly can’t protect my charcoal like a plastic container.


B&B Charcoal
The best way to store charcoal

If your garage or out building are anything like mine, then they’re not temperature controlled, which makes it vulnerable to the moisture in the air. Where I live the weather can change on a dime from a breath taking heat to a thunderstorm making you wish B&B sold gopher wood. Then you throw in the humidity that makes you thankful for air conditioning. All of this isn’t great for your charcoal, especially if you’re the backyard griller who cooks once a month or (dare I say it?) less. With moisture in the air and seeping up through the ground your charcoal is susceptible. The best way to combat this is to elevate it off the ground. The moisture will cause your charcoal to deteriorate rendering it less than effective.

Seal the Bag

When my kids were of school age I would occasionally pack their lunch, sliding their sandwich in a press and seal plastic sandwich bag so it would arrive at school safe and sound. One of these days B&B may invent a press and seal bag to help preserve your charcoal. But until that day, sealing is still a necessity. If moisture gets in the bag this will make it more difficult to light and once again render it less than effective.

Use It

As spring approaches trips to the store to get burgers, hot dogs, and steaks are undoubtedly in your future. Along with a bag or two of B&B Charcoal from Academy Sports you have the makings of a great family weekend grilling as the kids stop by. So the best way to preserve your charcoal is to use it and make some memories.

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