Benefits of Wood Pellets

Wood pellets impart delicious, subtle wood smoke flavor and are easy to use — some even contend that wood pellet grills and smokers offer the most consistent and hassle-free BBQ experience. Wood pellets, such as B&B’s food-grade wood pellet products, yield consistent results, whether your BBQ approach calls for fast and hot or slow and low.

Most wood pellet grills and smokers automatically monitor temperature and add pellets as necessary to maintain a consistent heat, taking some of the guesswork out of your BBQ experience — and there are no flareups. In fact, the ease and simplicity of using a wood pellet smoker and grill is why they have become so popular — it’s as easy as setting the temperature, placing your favorite meat on the grill, and letting the grill and the wood pellets do their work. And with B&B food-grade wood pellets, there is little resulting ash, meaning less cleanup.

Made from 100 percent premium wood, B&B offers a wide range of wood pellet flavors and quantities. On the flavor side, B&B offers hickory, oak, pecan, mesquite, apple and cherry pellets. B&B also offers a special Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey wood pellet, made with Jack Daniel’s unique mellowing charcoal for enhanced flavor. Included in the line of B&B Texas-style premium food-grade wood pellet offerings is the Championship Blend — a specialty, all-natural grill fuel that blends the subtle smoke flavors of pecan, cherry and oak.

The universe of B&B wood pellet products also offers a vast opportunity to mix and match and experiment with a wide range of premium wood smoke flavors. Because B&B wood pellet fuel is so efficient, a little goes a long way.

B&B’s wood pellets are made from 100 percent wood sawdust and consistently deliver a clean-burning, high BTU, low ash and low moisture fuel that delivers exceptional results on all pellet-fired grills. Available in 20-pound bagged quantities — Championship Blend available in a 40-pound bag — B&B premium wood pellet grill fuel should be used as indicated by your grill’s manufacturer. It’s important to always clean the pellet hopper and auger system of the pellet grill before storage and prior to the next use.

Also, be sure to always store opened bags of B&B premium wood pellets in a dry place or sealed container. Pellets that have swelled due to moisture could jam the grill’s pellet auger system.

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