B&B Seasonings and Sauces Will Spice Up Your BBQ

The line of B&B Charcoal BBQ rubs and BBQ sauces are available on the shelves at Academy Sports + Outdoors and on their website at www.academy.com. There’s a taste for every palate. Your food will transform when you pair your perfectly seasoned barbecue with some B&B charcoal or B&B cooking wood.

The B&B Charcoal BBQ sauces come in two varieties: Texas Classic Traditional BBQ Sauce and the Texas Sweet Heat. Both sauces taste great, but for those who like a little more kick in their food, the Texas Sweet Heat blends both spicy and sweet perfectly.

BBQ pitmasters know that a good rub can save the day when you want to make the best BBQ possible. The four B&B Charcoal seasonings provide you with a full spectrum of flavor for any meat, fish, vegetable, or whatever you like to cook. There’s a B&B seasoning for every food.

The Texas Chicken Scratch seasoning will spice up your chicken meals. Just turn the shaker over your chicken and liberally coat your meat and watch the beautiful red color develop. Just like with the other B&B rubs, the Texas Chicken Scratch rub not only makes your food taste great, it makes it look great too.

For fans of the other white meat pork, the Texas Swine Shaker is made for them. Make your pork stand out with this blend of rich seasonings. See your swine become a success at your backyard BBQ or on the barbecue and grilling competition trail.

Photo by Darryl Tracy (@deluxe_bbq)

As most people know, Texas is beef country and B&B Charcoal is a Texas-based company. So the Texas Cattle Call seasoning is for all the beef lovers out there — in Texas and beyond. The taste for beef transcends borders and the Texas Cattle Call can be used to spice up any food, not just beef. You’ll still want to try it on a brisket, beef rib, or other beef product, to see just how perfectly it enhances the taste of beef.

These products have been winning BBQ contests for over a year in test markets. Cooks who have used them have walked the stage at world-famous competitions like the American Royal World Series of Barbecue, Steak Cookoff Association events, International Barbeque Cookers Association contests and much more.

Find Your Flavor

All of the B&B seasonings and sauces can be mixed and matched to find creative combinations. The Texas Trinity Season All seasoning is great for pairing with a variety of different ingredients because of its versatility. The all-purpose seasoning goes on every food, whether it’s a base layer on smoked pork ribs, sprinkled over a grilled chicken breast, or dusted over roasted asparagus.

Some enthusiastic users of B&B Charcoal products have shared photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter showing the different combinations of B&B seasonings they use at their backyard cookouts and at BBQ competitions. Cooking is about experimentation, so pick up a few different varieties of our seasonings and find your own perfect blend. Share your photos with B&B Charcoal on social media by using hashtag #bbcharcoal and tagging @bbcharcoal on your posts.

The B&B Charcoal seasonings come in 13oz shakers and the BBQ sauces are available in 20oz bottles. All B&B sauces and rubs are gluten free. Pick them up at Academy Sports + Outdoors to spice up your barbecue.

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