B&B Charcoal becomes the Official Charcoal of the IBCA

“They’ve been a really good group for us,” B&B Charcoal Sales and Marketing Director Joey Machado said about the IBCA on a recent episode of The BBQ Central Show. “That’s where I got my cooking start. And I love that group to death.”

The IBCA was founded 30 years ago in Texas with the goal of providing uniform cook-off rules that are “fair and user friendly for the cooks.” There are now more than 700 members in the Houston-based organization.

IBCA’s mission is to give competitive cooks around the world a “peace of mind” when their entries are placed in front of judges.

“As the sport of competition BBQ cooking grows, IBCA has grown with it,” IBCA said on their website. “From the beginning until now we have built a great reputation of assisting BBQ promoters, providing information and offering a fair judging system to all participants.”

Earlier this year, B&B announced it was the official charcoal of the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA). Read all about that partnership here.

“It’s a big deal,” Joey said about teaming up with IBCA and SCA. “We’re looking forward to a great year with both of these organizations.”

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