B&B Kiln Dried Cooking Wood

An ancient cooking method is fast becoming the latest craze. Live fire cooking wood differs from traditional grilling because it involves using kilned dried split logs. The sounds and smells of a natural wood fire add to the total cooking experience. There are dozens of microscopic elements that are released into the thin blue smoke that bathes your food over the fire. B&B Cooking Woods are the last ingredient you put on your food but the first flavor you will taste.
Cooking woods impart more natural flavors due to the original chemical and mineral compounds left in the logs. B&B kilned dried process also produces a more active flame from the wood, igniting the juices from your food to create even more savory and delicious results. The internal cell structures of natural wood are compromised when processed into lump charcoal and briquette fuels. B&B Cooking Woods are 100% natural and are heat treated at 160 degrees for 90 minutes to eliminate any bad tastes from pathogens and moisture causing mold and mildew.
Versatility Regional foods are locally sourced and are identified by the native materials used to cook and prepare meals. B&B offers a variety of 7 different types of Cook Woods that you can switch around and experiment with different wood flavor profiles. From the Argentine parrilla, to pizza ovens to California Santa Maria grills you can cook in unlimited and festive styles. You’ll have years of fun and always find new and exciting foods and flavors with B&B Cooking Woods.
Control Controlling your heat is very important. Make sure your cooking grates can be adjusted to raise or lower cooking temperatures as needed. B&B Cooking Woods are extremely versatile and can range from high searing temps to low and slow smoking. They are quick to light and easy to stack, consistently giving you a perfect cooking fire every time. B&B Cooking wood is cut into convenient 8”-10” lengths and specifically designed to fit into your smoker or charcoal grill.

Flavors We Offer
APPLE– Strong, sweet, fruity smoke. This is the strongest and most recognized of all the fruit woods.
CHERRY-Mild, sweet, and slightly fruity smoke that gives a rosy tint to light meals.
MAPLE– Mild, slightly sweet, smokey flavor.
HICKORY– Strong bacon flavor, most used and recognized of the smoking woods.
PECAN-Mild, and similar to our hickory but sweeter with a nutty finish. Best of all-around smoking woods.
MESQUITE-Strong, spicy and very distinctive smoke. Often identified with foods from the south west.
POST OAK– Most versatile of the hard woods. Mild all-purpose smoke that imparts a wonderful smoke color onto food.

Photo Credits: Mississippi Meat Mafia

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