B&B Fuels Fires at Texas Monthly BBQ Fest

The 2018 Texas Monthly BBQ Fest brought together 30 restaurants from around the state in a culinary celebration of barbecue. Texas BBQ joints are known for drawing big lines and this year’s Texas Monthly BBQ festival on Sunday in Austin, Texas, was no exception. Fans of the food happily hopped from line to line to taste the tremendous variety of offerings like brisket, ribs, pork steak, and Southern desserts. It was a gauntlet of BBQ goodness.

B&B Charcoal fuels the fires of so many of these top pitmasters. As a Texas-born company, B&B is a favorite among pitmasters from the state. Some of the best barbecue in Texas is cooked with Better Burning B&B Charcoal.

Photo by John J. Zamora

B&B Charcoal was represented well this year at the Texas Monthly BBQ Fest by the B&B family.

While helping out at the tasting tent for Killen’s Barbecue, Texas pitmasters Robert Sierra and Bryan Gonzales, from S&S Pit Crew, proudly sported B&B Charcoal gear at Ronnie Killen’s Jambo Pits smoker, which was fueled with B&B Oak Lump Charcoal and B&B Competition Char-Logs.

Esaul Ramos and his 2M Smokehouse also cooked over B&B Charcoal product delivered to them by Joey Machado, sales and marketing director for B&B Charcoal. Joey and his family, including his son and award-winning pitmaster Ty Machado, were at the festival representing B&B. They made sure to take time to taste some of the perfectly cooked barbecue as well.

Ninth-annual Texas Monthly BBQ Fest

Every handful of years, Texas Monthly releases its Top 50 Texas BBQ list. The last listing was in 2017 when Snow’s BBQ got the top spot. Before that it was 2013. The highly respected ranking inspires lots of interest in BBQ – not to mention inspiring lots of appetites. The magazine’s yearly BBQ Fest is another entry-point for those just starting out with Texas BBQ, or those who are already devoted to the cooking craft and want a way to taste the state without having to drive all around it.

Snow’s BBQ, featuring world famous pitmaster and recent American Royal Association Barbecue Hall of Fame inductee Tootsie Tomanetz, were at the festival to share their food on a rare non-Saturday. Typically, you can only try Snow’s BBQ once a week on Saturdays in Lexington, Texas. Other restaurants that also appeared at the festival included Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ, Baker Boys BBQ, Louie Mueller Barbecue, Truth Barbeque, La Barbecue and many more.

Photo by Texas Monthly

In between eating great Texas BBQ, there was music to enjoy and other BBQ-related points-of-interests, like the booth from Texas A&M’s Animal Science department, which educated people on the finer points of cooking brisket and more science-focused food information.

The day before the Sunday festival kicked off, James Beard Winner Aaron Franklin hosted the inaugural Texas Monthly BBQ Fest Franklin & Friends event. At that Franklin BBQ party, Aaron Franklin cooked next to Evan LeRoy (LeRoy & Lewis, from Texas), Sam Jones (Sam Jones BBQ, from North Carolina) and Nikki Furman (B’s Cracklin’ BBQ, from Georgia). That day also featured a ‘Cue Course at Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew about meat science.

2018 was the ninth year for the Texas Monthly BBQ Fest and you can bet that people are already planning what they’re going to try in 2019. When the 10thanniversary of the Fest comes around in 2019, B&B Charcoal will be there again to fuel the fires of many great pitmasters from Texas and beyond.

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