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Before you read the rest of this article take a moment to look over the Team B&B page. You have time. I’ll wait…You didn’t look. Seriously, do it, you won’t be sorry. As a matter of fact, you’ll be greatly surprised when you read the names. OK, I know some of you took my advice and looked at Team B&B, but for the others who didn’t (promise me you’re going to after you read this) allow me to tell you who you’ll find. Among the names listed there you’re going to see a Who’s Who in the outdoor cooking world. TV personalities, World Champions and You Tube celebrities dot the list along with those not as well-known, but still taking the BBQ world by storm. As I looked over this list I began to wonder what an event gets when they have Team B&B in attendance.


Lambert Teaching
Mark Lambert teaches his skills to a group of BBQ enthusiasts.

The first attribute your event receives when Team B&B is on hand is a wealth of knowledge readily accessible by all those who stop by a cook site or attends a class. At a recent cooking competition in the Pacific Northwest, 4-time World Champion Mark Lambert was cooking and teaching. Although his class on butchering a whole animal was outstanding, what stood out the most was the crowd of people consistently around his site. He wasn’t tucked away, hidden from the public but right out front allowing all who wanted to watch his process. And not only watch but ask him whatever cooking question they might have. Mark isn’t the only one, the Outdoor Cooking Evangelist, Saffron Hodgson and How to Do BBQ Right’s Malcom Reed are just a couple examples of what all of Team B&B is uniquely about, educating others.

Saffron Teaching
Saffron Hodgson combining craft and professionalism.

The next is an attitude of professionalism. When B&B carefully chose the teams and cooks to represent them at events around the country, this attribute was top of mind. Although these Ambassadors are an intense group of focused cooks, you won’t see them behave unseemly or bring negative attention to a promoter’s event. They care about their craft and even more so about the promotion of BBQ not only as a food sport but as a business. This is why each one of Team B&B is where they are, pride in what they do which ensures the utmost professional attitude not only for their personal brands but more so for the brand of B&B Charcoal.

Boars Night Out always makes sure to have a good time!

Thirdly, if ya ain’t having fun, then why ya doing it? This is at the core of Team B&B and it shows on the faces of those who stop by an ambassador’s cook site or class because they will see the fun being had by not only Team B&B Ambassador but by those who’ve gathered around. Follow the laughter and nine times out of 10 its being instigated by a member of Team B&B. Don’t get me wrong, when it’s time to cook it’s all business, but even then you’ll hear laughter and see smiles coming from Boars Night Out in the midst of the “battle.” This philosophy of fun is what draws people to their sites and in essence, promotes the B&B products, displays professionalism and allows them to teach the lessons of BBQ.

The next time you see the B&B banner flying someplace, you can rest assured not only the greatness of the B&B line of products but also the greatness of the ambassadors who make up Team B&B.

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